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I could not stop eating sugar and carbs

No matter what, I just could not get a handle on my eating. I have 28 solid and productive years in AA but I never made the connection that I was addicted to sugar and carbs much like my addiction to alcohol and drugs! 

What it was like... Hitting Bottom -11/26/2017

I weighed over 305 pounds and could no longer fit in my clothes..AGAIN...This time I was embarrassed, not for me, but for my wife and daughter, along with all the people in my ministry that rely on me for Spiritual support, guidance, and help. I looked in the mirror and decided to reach out for help. Thank God I found Bitten and she responded!

what happened... Learning about KETO and sugar addiction

Bitten had me working with folks in another program. They helped me to start the Steps and to read The Obesity Code and other books by Dr. Jason Fung. As I used the Carb Manager to help me plan and monitor my daily eating, my body slowly adapted to the keto way of eating and my life began to change for the better!!

What it's like today!... I am An Abstinent, lean, mean, Keto Machine!

Over 110 pounds gone! No sugar cravings! No carb comas or carb cravings! I still enjoy meals with my family and friends, but I no longer need the massive quantities of food I used to eat as well as crave all the addictive sugar and carb loaded foods.

Your life can and will change for the better!

If you are like me and many others in this program, you have probably tried just about every diet and food program available. The difference between what we suggest and what the commercial programs offer is just this.... WE ARE ONLY SUGGESTING YOU DO WHAT WE DID AND STILL DO!  No weighing and measuring! No pills, powders, or shakes to buy! No club to join! Real food with real results and the 12 Steps will help to set you free from the bondage of sugar and carb addiction! 

I will help you

Email me! I am not going to thump you on the head with a Bible or the Big Book! I am going to listen to you and then if you are willing, show you what I did and still do and how I use the simple kit of Spiritual Tools to help me on a daily basis to stay abstinent. Email me!