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Don't start me in temptation ... I can do it myself


More than 30 years ago I came into contact with "Addiction Medicine" in the USA, where it was already a specialty in medicine. We have not yet reached this point in Sweden, and although much has happened, we are still at least 20 years behind the US in this area.

During these years, I myself have treated thousands of people in the Nordic countries and continue to educate myself in the United States and participate in international scientific conferences. It has given me a deep knowledge of brain disease dependence and a significant experience, which makes me unique in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Brain disease, you might be wondering? Isn't it primarily about different types of abuse? But no, it's not. All addiction begins in the brain, regardless of the drug. And it is also a force that is so much stronger than the Swedish word addiction suggests. Therefore, I would rather say addiction, as in the US (by Latin's addicere, who stands to be a slave under something or someone).

I am a registered nurse, addiction specialist and ADDIS® and SUGAR® qualified (a diagnostic tool for addiction) and currently offer courses and training for people with addiction problems and for professionals.

My ambition is to pass on my knowledge and my experience to others so that we can become more in Sweden and Europe that can treat the deadly disease addiction.