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"sugar and carbs were a much harder habit to kick"


From a young age I have found life to be difficult and struggled with feelings of low self worth, loneliness, not fitting in and not understanding how to “do life”. For as long as I remember I searched for ways to make myself feel better and the first thing I found to “fix” my feelings was anorexia. This later developed into bulimia which involved lots of bingeing on sugar and carbs. My weight would yo-yo up and down wildly sometimes up to 70 pounds lost or gained in a year. I also abused alcohol and drugs for many years which led to me losing everything and took me to some dark places. Through my addiction I went to various rehabs and was into the 12 step recovery programme. I still attend CA meetings to this day and have been clean for a number of years now, I sponsor others in the programme, have my family back in my life and work as a specialist cancer nurse in a large London hospital.

Food has continued to be an issue for me, although I was able to put down drink and drugs it seems sugar and carbs were a much harder habit to kick. I kept seeking answers, tried many different diets and approaches, therapists, even other 12 step programmes etc. but nothing worked for very long. Then I was introduced to a keto food plan in 2016 by a nutritionist and for the first time I remember I felt free around food, my cravings left me, my weight normalised and I stopped bingeing for over 6 months, it felt like a miracle.

I slipped after a holiday to Jamaica and regained the lost weight but I knew keto worked for me. I struggled to get back on track for a while but kept searching for a solution that involved a keto food plan to treat the physical addiction and the 12 steps to address the emotional and spiritual sides of the disease. I came into contact with Mark who was following a keto food plan and working the 12 steps and together we set up Sugar and Carb Addicts Anonymous. I have been abstinent now for almost 5 months, the accountability of SCAA, the 12 steps, a keto food plan and a connection with a Higher Power has given me my life back.

I am happy to help if you are a sugar and carb addict like me. I can share my experience, strength and hope with you of how I maintain my recovery and I can help you to go through the 12 steps. As a nurse I knew a lot about nutrition and I did my first degree in psychology and worked as a counsellor years ago but this knowledge alone was not enough to keep me away from sugar and carbs, I needed to find the Power to take action. My hope for you is that you will also find this Power and share in our freedom from sugar and carb addiction.